The Hydromassage Zone® is an automated mini-spa ideally located in a semi-private area near the main lobby.  This self-directed massage amenity has been able to generate an additional $2,000 to $10,000 per month in incremental revenue for properties, and the guests love it.


The Holiday Inn Express and Crowne Plaza in Springfield IL are attached to a convention center, so there are some unique aspects to revenue generation at this property.  The goal of adding The HydroMassage Zone® to this full-service property was to provide an amenity that both hotel guests and convention center attendees could utilize.

“We needed to find a way to easily provide payment methods for The HydroMassage Zone® so all the attendees that are not staying at property could utilize this amenity” said Alan Filer, General Manager of the complex.  “HydroMassage was very easy to work with and came up with a wonderful solution that allows the convention center attendees to pay for their massage right at the product.  We are very excited to be the first IHG property to offer this self-service mini-spa amenity.”

Most properties provide an exceptional value, and now IHG is setting themselves apart by also providing a spa amenity normally only found at high-end luxury properties.

Within the full-service and limited-service hotel space there is not a lot currently provided to relieve frequent travelers from jet lag, cramped seating, and the general wear and tear that goes along with being a road warrior. The HydroMassage Zone® allows properties to add a spa component and turn an underutilized space into a revenue generating guest enhancement.


“The guests love this amenity” Alan said.  “The expressions on the guests faces and the reviews on our website are truly heartwarming.  It has also been a great way to keep the guests happy during check-in, check-out times are when they are waiting for a ride to the airport.”

To learn more about installing The Hydromassage Zone® that will increase guest satisfaction and improve your revenue, please contact Jeff Josephson at or 206.954.8597.

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John Moradi Offers Advice to Other Hotel Owners about HydroMassage


John Moradi has had a HydroMassage Zone in his Comfort Inn hotel for over two and a half years.

What is HydroMassage?

HydroMassage is an innovative massage amenity enjoyed by all guests.

As a turn-key mini-spa solution, it’s the perfect way for guests to relax and ease aches and pains after a long day of work or play.

Recently, we sat down with John to get his thoughts on HydroMassage, and his advice to other hotel operators.

Throughout the course of the afternoon, we discussed a wide range of topics, and John shared the following:

  • “Guests love the machine – people never stop talking about how HydroMassage is beneficial to their stay”
  • “As soon as we installed HydroMassage, our reviews on Trip Advisor have been outstanding”
  • “We have increased our service fee, and we now generate more revenue”

Click here to hear a short clip of the interview with John

For more information on HydroMassage in your hotel, visit or call Jeff Josephson, HydroMassage Director of Hospitality Sales at 206-954-8597.

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Trending Recovery Offerings All Clubs Should Know About

Check out this informative article about the recovery trend in fitness in Club Solutions magazine.

Recovery can play a crucial role in a club’s success. Providing cutting-edge recovery offerings for members after their workouts is a great way to enhance their experiences by making them feel good before they even leave your facility.

Read more here


Most limited-service properties provide an exceptional value.

Good quality rooms, basic amenities, free breakfast, Wi-Fi, fitness, pool, etc.

But do you really know which amenities are generating revenue?  Which amenities are being utilized by the guests?  And which amenities are going beyond the guest expectations to provide a truly hospitable stay?

Assuming the basics are being met, how do you provide something extra that most guests will appreciate and utilize, that will also generate additional revenue.

Within the limited service hotel space there is not a lot currently provided to relieve frequent travelers from jet lag, cramped seating, and the general wear and tear that goes along with being a road warrior.

Consider these facts:

  • Approximately 100 million Americans have Chronic Pain
  • 80% of Americans will experience low back pain at some point
  • People will pay to avoid chronic pain

Here’s a potential solution for your guest wellness and recovery needs: HydroMassage.

HydroMassage is an inclusive amenity enjoyed by all guests, conveniently accessible 24 hours a day to ease the aches and pains of traveling.

It’s the perfect way for your guests to relax with a personalized massage experience after a long day of work or play.

A Hydromassage Zone is an automated mini-spa ideally located in a semi-private area near the main lobby.

This self-directed massage amenity has been able to generate an additional $2,000 to $5,000+ per month in incremental revenue, and guests love it.

John Moradi from Choice Hotels said:

“HydroMassage has been a great amenity in my property.  It has increased our loyalty score and guest satisfaction.  It has also enabled us to generate additional revenue for every unit.”

Here are guest reviews of a HydroMassage Zone in a Choice Hotels property in Florida.

 From TripAdvisor

The real surprise was the hydromassage chairs they give you 10 minutes free on when you check in. Great way to unwind after a long flight.

On check in you receive voucher for a ten-minute HydroMassage. What a treat and a wonderful experience after a long day.!!!

Also we got a free massage in one of the hydro massage chairs which was fantastic!!!

An added treat is a hydro massage.

Great room, amazing HydroMassage

This was an Unexpected treat while our family was staying here. Massage room is next to the spotless breakfast area. Very relaxing !!

Kids loved the breakfast and we loved the hydro massage!

Great experience, nice room, staff was friendly, massage was greatly appreciated and free!

The hydromassage was a nice relaxing treat also.

My wife enjoyed the hydro-massage chair – the complimentary trial was a nice touch. If we come back this way, we’ll stay here again.

We truly enjoyed our stay here at the Comfort Inn in St Petersburg Florida. The hydro massage chair is an awesome asset; so relaxing

Hydromassage was very relaxing after walking around all day! Nice new feature to this hotel. You can read articles or just close your eyes and relax! Your choice, I say go for it!

The hydromassage was the cherry on top- great addition!

The HydroMassage was the big plus.

Great stay. Loved the breakfast, complimentary massage was great.

After going through the stress of having my house tented it was amazing to get a massage right here in the hotel! I really enjoyed getting away even for just ten minutes and really just relax! I suggest you try it out if you come here!

To learn more about installing a HydroMassage Zone that will increase guest satisfaction and improve your revenue, contact Jeff Josephson, HydroMassage Director of Hospitality Sales at or 206.954.8597.

More HydroMassage Zone Images:



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Why Recovery Is Essential to Health Club Retention

Check out this great excerpt from IHRSA’s Jim Schmaltz on Recovery in Health Clubs today.

“Adding extra wellness-based services to the core mission of health clubs has become more common, even for high-traffic facilities. This is partly to maintain a competitive edge, but it’s also a win/win strategy if it’s executed correctly. More services can create more value for the member, while adding significant non-dues revenue to the club’s bottom line.”

Read more of this article here.

Posted by: HydroMassage | May 30, 2018

HydroMassage in the YMCA

Don’t miss this article featuring HydroMassage in a Minneapolis YMCA. Here’s a little preview:

“What is it?
Think of this as a massage chair with an upgrade. Hydromassage uses pressurized water, like Jacuzzi jets, to give you a full-body massage — without the massage therapist. “Massage, in general, has so many benefits, and it can be experienced in the chair. It’s less invasive,” said Jennifer Menk, senior director of health and well-being at the downtown Y.”

Read the rest of the article here.

Free massages are available nationwide from HydroMassage and Planet Fitness between Saturday April 14th and Saturday April 21st, as HydroMassage launches their 10th annual Free Massage During Tax Week promotion.

With more than 1500+ Planet Fitness locations now open, those in need of stress relief can find HydroMassage in more convenient locations than ever this year.

 “For the past 10 years, we’ve always loved giving back by organizing this event.  It’s a great way to help people take a few minutes to relax, recover, and rejuvenate”, commented Paul Lunter, HydroMassage President.  “With more locations participating this year, we hope that more people can experience the benefits of massage conveniently with HydroMassage.”

 To find a location, visit  Download and print the Free HydroMassage Experience coupon to redeem the free massage.

 “We understand tax season is a stressful time for many, with most of us just looking forward to getting through it as quickly and painlessly as possible so we can return to our normal routines,” said Jessica Correa, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Planet Fitness. “At Planet Fitness, we recognize that filing taxes can feel like a workout on its own, which is why we’re opening the doors to everyone this tax season to enjoy a little relaxation from our tax frustrations with free HydroMassage.”

To find a location, visit  Download and print the Free HydroMassage Experience coupon to redeem the free massage.


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HydroMassage’s 1st Annual Golf Experience and Factory Tour

Last month, we had the pleasure of hosting some really great people in Clearwater, Florida for our first annual Golf Experience and Factory Tour.

The event consisted of good food, good fun, two rounds of golf at the Belleair Country Club and Westchase Country Club, a HydroMassage factory tour, and accommodations on beautiful Clearwater Beach.

Overall, so many friendships were made and relationships were forged that will last a lifetime. We can’t wait until next year!

A special thank you to all who joined us for this experience. We truly could not have asked for a more enjoyable group of people. grouppic-use

Posted by: HydroMassage | January 25, 2018

Powerful words from a HydroMassage User

Joyce reached out to us recently to tell us of her experience with HydroMassage. Joyce’s story is pretty incredible and it brings us so much joy to share her words below:

My name is Joyce Osborn Wilson/CEO, author and entrepreneur. I am a semi retired business woman and 76 years old. I want to tell you a story. Being an owner of a large company and also semi retired I know what testimonials can mean. Over seven years ago I had surgery in both my feet and chose to have this at the same time, for bunions and hammer toes. Since then I have had excruciating pain in both my feet, to put it bluntly the most severe Charlie Horses you could possibly imagine.

I have been to every doctor imaginable and even asked if nerves could be cut because the pain was so bad. I have not rested one single complete night without pain since the surgery. When these spasms hit me, I have to jump up out of bed and walk or massage. I have had all kinds of tests, from nerve, muscle, even the blood flow through my feet and legs. Some tests were very unpleasant.

My life has always included daily exercises, and I walk 4 – 6 miles a day. Go to the gym, but most recently I had not been going through the holidays. During that time the gym I go to totally updated and added this wonderful HydroMassage Chair. Yesterday, my husband Ken pushed me to go to the gym, so I went and was introduced to this chair before I got on the treadmill. Telling the manager how dreadful my feet had been for all these years, he set this machine to just cover my feet. I lay on the chair with my knees bent so I could get the full effect.

To further tell you my pain level, I have screamed in pain as my husband has tried to massage my feet for relief. Accupuncture also did not help, but one doctor gave me a daily exercise to do, without help. When I drove my car I would often have to stop and get out and walk. As I got older, the pain increased and in my right foot it would actually form a hard knot on the top of my foot when the spasms would start. My husband has rubbed my feet and legs for years “every” single night to try to help me. Muscle relaxants seem to help very little…but yesterday after I got out of this chair I knew something knew had happened to my feet. I felt different when I walked. When we got home I kept saying, “My feet feel different and I feel no signs of these cramps coming on.” When we sat in our recliner to watch TV last evening I actually twirled my feet while my husband, Ken, kept saying, “Honey, please don’t push it.” I just felt like a miracle had happened to me and the most exciting thing really had happened. I slept through the night last night without one single muscle spasm in my feet for over “SEVEN” years – yes, 7 years! I just want to thank you from my heart what this delightful, wonderful chair did for me personally and felt it was a story worth passing on to your corporate headquarters. I am also wondering if you have anything in mind for smaller designs just for feet??? I know many suffer also as I have, but my feet had gotten so extreme I had another appointment next week to see if possibly I could go to Mayo Clinic for help. Now instead I can cancel that appointment and feel I can go on long trips and have full nights of rest without this horrible, excruciating pain.

With kindest regards,

Joyce Osborn Wilson/CEO

Posted by: HydroMassage | December 20, 2017

HydroMassage: Wellness Done Right

HydroMassage is now available to Howard Long Wellness Center members for a small monthly fee — and even less if they pay up front for the year. The service offers the benefits of heat, water and massage in a soothing, fully customizable system of therapy.

“You target the therapy to your needs, anywhere from your feet to you neck,” Joe Slavik, director of Howard Long Wellness Center, said. “It has an intuitive, interactive touchscreen that allows the user to control every part of the experience: speed, pressure and the specific area of massage.”

HydroMassage gives a powerful, relaxing, heated massage in as little as 10 minutes. It’s a dry hydrotherapy system that has been used for more than 20 years in facilities such as the Mayo Clinic, the U.S. Olympic Training Center and Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital.

“It’s a real stress reliever,” Slavik said. “And if you have back problems, hamstring problems, neck or shoulder issues, this can help immensely.”

Read the whole article here

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