Posted by: HydroMassage | April 14, 2011

Free HydroMassage on Tax Day Picking up Steam

Today is the official kick-off of our Free HydroMassage on Tax Day Campaign, and as of right now, it sure looks like this year may be bigger than previous years.

Here’s just a few of the links to some of the major news outlets that picked up the story about HydroMassage…

USA Today:

Time Magazine:



ABC News:

Tampa Bay Business Journal:

CBS Radio:

And, there are plenty more. If you run a Google search for “HydroMassage Tax Day”, you’ll see thousands of other sites that picked up the story.

We’ll post more information as the campaign continues.

If you still haven’t gotten your coupon for your free HydroMassage experience, click here to get it now.

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