Posted by: HydroMassage | November 5, 2012

HydroMassage Launches New Interactive “Build Your HydroMassage Zone™” on Website

When HydroMassage beds were first introduced in health clubs, it was commonplace for one HydroMassage bed to be installed in a private room, sometimes replacing a massage therapist.  

However with that approach, the daily number of massages available to members was limited, while the demand for an affordable form of massage therapy steadily increased. 

So several years ago, HydroMassage began creating a concept for club owners to showcase HydroMassage beds as a more prominent feature in their clubs. 

A HydroMassage Zone™ includes two, three, or more massage beds combined with relaxing spa décor and a small waiting area with tables and chairs.  

Now, fitness club owners have added their own special touches such as relaxing music or aromatherapy to make the overall experience more tranquil for their members.

 And, with the launch of the new, interactive “Build Your HydroMassage Zone” feature on the HydroMassage website, club owners can now design a customized zone for any fitness center, complete with HydroMassage beds, and anything from lounge chairs and book cases to flat screen TVs and artwork.

Click here to begin using the HydroMassage Build a Zone feature. 


  1. Click on one of the pre-designed layouts
  2. Customize the space to your liking (change wall colors, add furniture, change bed locations, etc)
  3. Click on the 3D button to see your HydroMassage Zone from all angles.  This may take 15-20 seconds to load the 3D design.

After creating your personalized room, print or e-mail your designs to keep for future reference.

For more information on HydroMassage Zones, call 1-800-699-1008 or click here.

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