Posted by: HydroMassage | September 18, 2013

Attention HydroMassage Customers:

Do you have a great looking HydroMassage room, like this one from Vent Fitness in New York?

HydroMassage Zone in Vent Fitness

HydroMassage Zone in Vent Fitness, New York

We’d like to add a few new HydroMassage pictures to our website.

But instead of just asking you to send us pictures…we put together a little contest to make this fun.

Here are the details:

To to enter, just send us a picture of your HydroMassage room.

We’ll be adding all of the entries in an album on our Facebook page. The winner will be the picture with the most “likes” from all of our Facebook friends.

The winner will be awarded a prize, to be announced on Tuesday, October 1st.

Click on the album titled “Best HydroMassage Room Contest” in the photo albums so you can see the entries and vote by “liking” your favorite.

So, enter today by sending a picture of your HydroMassage room (easiest to post it to our Facebook page, or send it in a message).

Click here for the HydroMassage Facebook page.

Good luck!

HydroMassage Marketing Team

*Note: We’d like to showcase your HydroMassage room, so any pictures submitted to HydroMassage may be used on the website or in other marketing campaigns.

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