Posted by: HydroMassage | December 20, 2017

HydroMassage: Wellness Done Right

HydroMassage is now available to Howard Long Wellness Center members for a small monthly fee — and even less if they pay up front for the year. The service offers the benefits of heat, water and massage in a soothing, fully customizable system of therapy.

“You target the therapy to your needs, anywhere from your feet to you neck,” Joe Slavik, director of Howard Long Wellness Center, said. “It has an intuitive, interactive touchscreen that allows the user to control every part of the experience: speed, pressure and the specific area of massage.”

HydroMassage gives a powerful, relaxing, heated massage in as little as 10 minutes. It’s a dry hydrotherapy system that has been used for more than 20 years in facilities such as the Mayo Clinic, the U.S. Olympic Training Center and Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital.

“It’s a real stress reliever,” Slavik said. “And if you have back problems, hamstring problems, neck or shoulder issues, this can help immensely.”

Read the whole article here

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