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Fitness Article in February issue of IHRSA Magazine

If you’re still not familiar with how HydroMassage works in fitness clubs, there’s a new two-page feature in the February issue of IHRSA’s Club Business International magazine which will help.

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Mike Feeney (EVP of NeV), Cory Brightwell (co-owner of Chuze Fitness), Steve Strickland (CEO of Workout Anytime) and others all share why HydroMassage has become a key fixture in their clubs.

You’ll hear insight from these fitness executives about how HydroMassage 1) increases premium package sales, 2) maximizes member awareness, and 3) brings new people into the club.

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HydroMassage Marketing Team

Charter Fitness joins the growing list of fitness clubs with HydroMassage, as five locations in the Chicago-based chain recently added massage beds.

Included with a menu of other premium services in Charter’s Signature Circle package, HydroMassage now provides Charter members with access to 10 minutes of massage every day.

Dan Collins, Charter Fitness COO noted, “We evaluated HydroMassage as an opportunity to increase our Signature Circle benefits and add value for our members.  Member response in our test locations has exceeded our expectations, and we’ll continue to implement HydroMassage in our clubs going forward.”

HydroMassage beds provide members with a convenient way to enjoy the benefits of massage on a daily basis, without the time or money required for traditional hands-on massage therapy.  Charter Fitness is creating HydroMassage ZonesTM with two beds per location, and members utilize them to target sore, tired muscles after a workout.

“We’re extremely pleased that Charter Fitness has made HydroMassage beds part of their brand,” added Paul Lunter, HydroMassage President.  “They have a very impressive footprint in the Midwest, and we’re excited to introduce this technology to their members.”

About Charter Fitness:
Currently one of the Chicago area’s largest and fastest growing health-club businesses, Charter Fitness, based in the Chicago suburb of Orland Park, IL, has more than 45 locations. The community-minded clubs are enjoyed by a wide-ranging membership looking for a state-of-the-art fitness experience that is straightforward, value-based (memberships begin at $10 per month), no-hassle and convenient. For more information, visit

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Water Massage Bed Article in Chiropractic Economics

Carolyn Feeney published an article exploring the use of water massage bed technology as a replacement for an LMT in the November 2014 issue of Chiropractic Economics.

Click here to read the article: HydroMassage_ChiroEco_Article_1114

The article highlights some of the frustrations chiropractors have with massage therapists and the solution HydroMassage provides for doctors and patients.

Advice from other doctors that have made this transition is included in the article.  Dr. Allen Unruh, Dr. Rober Rashid, Dr. Damian Scelfo, and Dr. Michael Savignano all provided feedback on experience in their offices.


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$500 “I Love HydroMassage” Video Contest

We’d like to hear some feedback on HydroMassage.

But instead of just asking people to send us a few videos…we put together a little contest to make this fun.

Here are the details:

  • A $500 prize is up for grabs for the best “I Love HydroMassage” video
  • All you have to do is shoot a quick video on your phone telling us why “I Love HydroMassage”. This video can feature you or anyone who loves HydroMassage.  Once the video is completed, just upload it to Youtube (click here for instructions to upload your video to youtube), and send us the link at
  • We’ll be posting a link to all of the entries to this page on our website. The winner will be the video with the most “views” as of Thursday, November 20th and the winner will be announced on Friday, November 21st.
  • We suggest getting creative so more people will watch and share your video!

Here’s a link to the page so you can see the entries and vote by “viewing” your favorite video.

And, anyone can vote…so you’re welcome to ask your friends to view your video to increase your odds of winning.

So, enter today by sending a link to your “I love HydroMassage” video to

Good luck!

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Anytime Fitness Annual Convention

Here’s the HydroMassage team at the 2014 Anytime Fitness annual convention.

Pictured from left to right are Paul Lunter (President), Neala Endre (Key Account Manager) and John Sweeney (VP of Commercial Sales)

HydroMassage Anytime Fitness

HydroMassage team at 2014 Anytime Fitness convention

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HydroMassage News Footage in Germany

HydroMassage recently attended the FIBO show in Cologne, Germany.

During the show, a TV crew came to the booth and got some good footage.

You can see it here at the 2:36 mark of this video:



Here is the link for the video:

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News for Tax Week Free Massage Event

We’re in the middle of our 6th annual Free Massage During Tax Week event, and the response has been great again this year.  Thanks to everyone for participating.

Here are a few places we’ve seen the story:



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Free Massages During Tax Week

HydroMassage’s sixth annual Free Massage week kicks off on Monday, April 14th, as fitness centers, chiropractic offices, and other businesses with HydroMassage beds provide stress relief during tax season nationwide.

Free massages will be available April 14th through April 18th in participating locations. To find a HydroMassage location, visit

HydroMassage beds provide a convenient way to enjoy the benefits of massage on a daily basis, without the time or money required for traditional hands-on massage therapy.

“What started as a simple idea six years ago has turned into something much bigger than we expected” commented Paul Lunter, HydroMassage President.  “Almost a half million people have responded, and we’ve really enjoyed helping out in this traditionally stressful time of year.”

For over 25 years, HydroMassage® beds have been utilized in chiropractic and physical therapy offices; used primarily to help with muscle soreness, stiffness, and tension.

Many large fitness clubs have HydroMassage Zones™ with as many as seven HydroMassage beds, providing members a 7-10 minute massage before or after a workout.

To download and print a free massage coupon, visit  Based on historical demand, HydroMassage suggests calling in advance to confirm the location is participating and to schedule a time for the free massage.

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HydroMassage at IHRSA 2014

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth at the 2014 IHRSA show in San Diego.

We had a great response for the HydroMassage Zone.   Here are a few pictures from the show.

For more information on adding a HydroMassage Zone to your fitness club(s), contact a HydroMassage representative at 1-800-699-1008 or click here to visit our website.

HydroMassage Zone at IHRSA 2014



HydroMassage Zone Sign

HydroMassage Booth at IHRSA 2014


HydroMassage at IHRSA 2014

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What is a HydroMassage Zone?

The list of club chains with HydroMassage Zones continues to grow.

Fitness companies such as Anytime Fitness, California Family Fitness, Chuze, Crunch, Energie Cardio, Fitness Evolution, Gold’s, JCC, National Fitness, Planet Fitness, Powerhouse, Snap, Vent Fitness, Workout Anytime, World Gym, and YMCAs all have HydroMassage beds in their clubs.

So, what is a HydroMassage Zone?  It’s a semi-private space in a fitness club that typically has 2-4 HydroMassage beds.  Some locations (Chuze Fitness) have gone with as many as 7 beds in a club.

Members like it because they get a 7-10 minute relaxing cool-down at the end of their workout.  Club owners get a healthy new profit center that provides a nice boost to their premium membership sales.

Here is a good example of a HydroMassage Zone.  This is from a Vent Fitness club in New York.


Good example of a HydroMassage Zone in Vent Fitness, NY


HydroMassage will have a HydroMassage Zone on display at the IHRSA show in San Diego in March.

For more information on adding a HydroMassage Zone to your health club or other business, call 1-800-699-1008 or visit:

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