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Powerful words from a HydroMassage User

Joyce reached out to us recently to tell us of her experience with HydroMassage. Joyce’s story is pretty incredible and it brings us so much joy to share her words below:

My name is Joyce Osborn Wilson/CEO, author and entrepreneur. I am a semi retired business woman and 76 years old. I want to tell you a story. Being an owner of a large company and also semi retired I know what testimonials can mean. Over seven years ago I had surgery in both my feet and chose to have this at the same time, for bunions and hammer toes. Since then I have had excruciating pain in both my feet, to put it bluntly the most severe Charlie Horses you could possibly imagine.

I have been to every doctor imaginable and even asked if nerves could be cut because the pain was so bad. I have not rested one single complete night without pain since the surgery. When these spasms hit me, I have to jump up out of bed and walk or massage. I have had all kinds of tests, from nerve, muscle, even the blood flow through my feet and legs. Some tests were very unpleasant.

My life has always included daily exercises, and I walk 4 – 6 miles a day. Go to the gym, but most recently I had not been going through the holidays. During that time the gym I go to totally updated and added this wonderful HydroMassage Chair. Yesterday, my husband Ken pushed me to go to the gym, so I went and was introduced to this chair before I got on the treadmill. Telling the manager how dreadful my feet had been for all these years, he set this machine to just cover my feet. I lay on the chair with my knees bent so I could get the full effect.

To further tell you my pain level, I have screamed in pain as my husband has tried to massage my feet for relief. Accupuncture also did not help, but one doctor gave me a daily exercise to do, without help. When I drove my car I would often have to stop and get out and walk. As I got older, the pain increased and in my right foot it would actually form a hard knot on the top of my foot when the spasms would start. My husband has rubbed my feet and legs for years “every” single night to try to help me. Muscle relaxants seem to help very little…but yesterday after I got out of this chair I knew something knew had happened to my feet. I felt different when I walked. When we got home I kept saying, “My feet feel different and I feel no signs of these cramps coming on.” When we sat in our recliner to watch TV last evening I actually twirled my feet while my husband, Ken, kept saying, “Honey, please don’t push it.” I just felt like a miracle had happened to me and the most exciting thing really had happened. I slept through the night last night without one single muscle spasm in my feet for over “SEVEN” years – yes, 7 years! I just want to thank you from my heart what this delightful, wonderful chair did for me personally and felt it was a story worth passing on to your corporate headquarters. I am also wondering if you have anything in mind for smaller designs just for feet??? I know many suffer also as I have, but my feet had gotten so extreme I had another appointment next week to see if possibly I could go to Mayo Clinic for help. Now instead I can cancel that appointment and feel I can go on long trips and have full nights of rest without this horrible, excruciating pain.

With kindest regards,

Joyce Osborn Wilson/CEO

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HydroMassage: Wellness Done Right

HydroMassage is now available to Howard Long Wellness Center members for a small monthly fee — and even less if they pay up front for the year. The service offers the benefits of heat, water and massage in a soothing, fully customizable system of therapy.

“You target the therapy to your needs, anywhere from your feet to you neck,” Joe Slavik, director of Howard Long Wellness Center, said. “It has an intuitive, interactive touchscreen that allows the user to control every part of the experience: speed, pressure and the specific area of massage.”

HydroMassage gives a powerful, relaxing, heated massage in as little as 10 minutes. It’s a dry hydrotherapy system that has been used for more than 20 years in facilities such as the Mayo Clinic, the U.S. Olympic Training Center and Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital.

“It’s a real stress reliever,” Slavik said. “And if you have back problems, hamstring problems, neck or shoulder issues, this can help immensely.”

Read the whole article here

This informative article from IHRSA dives into the role that water massage beds are playing in the fitness industry.  More importantly, learn how some of the country’s most successful club owners and managers are implementing HydroMassage into their club strategy.

“We make it part of our Peak membership in our Crunch franchise locations,” says Mike Feeney, Executive Vice President of New Evolution Ventures. “It’s been a great benefit for our low cost model clubs. Members are very surprised when they actually try it, and feel that it is a great value.”

Read the whole article here.

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HydroMassage User Review

When someone tries a HydroMassage Bed or Lounge for the first time, you’ll often hear them describe it as “amazing” or ask “how can I get one of these at home?”

But this HydroMassage user review is one of the best (and funniest) we’ve seen.

It’s safe to say this Planet Fitness member enjoyed his HydroMassage experience.

And we’re guessing he’ll be back soon to use it again.

Watch below to hear what he had to say:

For more information on HydroMassage water massage Beds and Lounges, visit or call 1-727-536-5566


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From IHRSA: Jumpstart Your Non-dues Revenue with HydroMassage

For any fitness clubs that want more revenue, you should read this IHRSA blog post.

It walks you though how you should approach your ancillary revenue streams, citing lessons learned from fitness industry veterans Kevin McHugh of The Atlantic Club  and Merritt Clubs COO Mark Miller.

One specific point they make is that you should think about wellness solutions, noting: “Perhaps the best category for non-dues revenue growth is the wellness market. People are increasingly gravitating to recuperative therapies and calming techniques that fall under the “mindfulness” philosophy of self-care. ”

They also explain the background on water massage beds and how they help both increase your revenue and address the member need for wellness.

“Using warm-water massage to promote recovery and relaxation, HydroMassage machines are reliable crowd-pleasers that fit into the wellness theme. Stress relief is in high demand, and HydroMassage treatments fit the bill for club members of all ages. That’s not the case with other non-dues offerings like functional fitness services and food-delivery partnerships. Almost everybody loves a massage, whether they have aches and pains or just need to chill after a tough commute.”

To read the entire IHRSA post on non-dues revenue and how fitness clubs can use HydroMassage water massage Beds and Lounges, click here:

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What is a Trackless Water Massage Bed?

As you explore the different types of water massage beds and lounge chairs available for sale, you’ll probably hear things like “capsule-type system” or “trackless water massage” and wonder what it all means.

It can be a little confusing at times, but it’s good to have a basic understanding of the key differences prior to purchasing, so here’s a quick 2-minute overview.

For starters, any water massage bed or lounge chair that you (or your clients) try should feel good the first time you use it.  That’s its job, right?

However, the key question you ask yourself when trying the model you’re considering is, “Is this hydro massage system impressive enough that I would want to drive out of my way to go use this every day?”

Because when you’re investing in new equipment, the last thing you want to do is buy something that doesn’t make 99% of people say, “Wow, I love it!  When can I come back to use this again?”

Here’s a few of the key things you should consider:

  • Open vs Closed Design:  Some water massage beds have a “capsule” design, while others have an “open” design.  You may have seen the capsule-type water massage beds in the middle of a mall or in Las Vegas.  They have been very popular in these places.  In contrast, the open style designs are more commonly found in health and fitness clubs, chiropractic offices, physical therapy clinics, spas, and tanning salons.  The main difference between the two is whether you (or your clients) would prefer to get inside the water massage bed and be touched on all sides of the body, or lie on top of the unit in a more open setting.  Some users report claustrophobic tendencies with the capsule designs.
  • Water Cooling System.  This is a little counter-intuitive because you want a warm water massage, right?  That’s true, but as your water massage bed or chair is used throughout the day, the friction of the water creates heat all by itself.  So in order to keep using the system without it overheating,  the concern isn’t keeping the water warm; it’s actually cooling the water to maintain the desired temperature.  Bottom line, be sure to ask how strong the cooling system is, and if it can run all day long in an enclosed room.
  • Travelling Jet Systems vs Trackless Massage.   This is a pretty simple concept. “Travelling jet systems” move up and down the body like a wave, allowing you to select the exact points where you would like to concentrate the massage.  You can adjust pressure of the massage, select the speed at which the jets travel, and even pause the massage on any points where you want to focus.  In contrast, “trackless” water massage beds have stationary jets that stay in the same position and turn on / off during the massage.

You can see a quick history of different models that have been developed over the years here: (along the right column).

Several trackless water massage systems were first developed between 1994 and the early 2000s in an effort to reduce the product cost, but feedback led us away from this design concept, as users either reported feeling “itchy”, or that the hydro massage felt great for 5-minutes but they got a little tired of it since the jets kept hitting the same areas.  Also the rotating jets used in trackless hydro massage beds tend to get stuck and need service more often.

Original trackless water massage systems (between 1994 and the early 2000s):

At HydroMassage, 15+ unique generations of water massage beds and chairs have been developed over the past 27+ years; continuously focusing on design, ease of maintenance, and most importantly, overall massage experience.   Currently there are eight different models available for all different budgets and user preferences.

Here are the latest HydroMassage Bed and Lounge models:

Our engineers ask the same question every day that you should be asking yourself: “Is this massage impressive enough that I would drive out of my way to use this again and again?”

So before purchasing, make sure you try the different models you’re considering, and talk to other people who own them to get their feedback too.

For more information on HydroMassage, visit or call 1-727-536-5566

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HydroMassage Tax Day News Coverage

There’s been lots of good news coverage for the “Free HydroMassage During Tax Week” event.  Thanks to Planet Fitness for partnering with us this year!

Here are a few of the top stories:

Good Day Sacramento


USA Today


HydroMassage kicks off its 8th annual “Free Massage During Tax Week” offer this year between Monday, April 18th and Friday, April 22nd.

New in 2016 is a partnership with Planet Fitness to extend the free HydroMassage promotion to more than 1,000 Planet Fitness locations.

HydroMassage offers free massages nationwide each year to help with the extra stress that comes with tax season.  HydroMassage systems provide a convenient way to enjoy the relaxing benefits of massage, without the time or expense required for traditional hands-on massage therapy.

“Giving away free massages during tax season is something we’ve enjoyed doing each year, so we’re really pleased to make it even bigger by partnering with Planet Fitness on a larger scale by offering free HydroMassage in all their locations”, said Paul Lunter, HydroMassage President.

“Tax time can be stressful and overwhelming for everyone,” said Jessica Correa, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Planet Fitness. “We want people to know that Planet Fitness is a place where they can work out, decompress, and also re-energize with our relaxing PF Black Card benefits like HydroMassage. We encourage everyone to find their nearest Planet Fitness and take advantage of this great, relaxing tax week offer.”

Visit to find a location to experience HydroMassage, and download and print the free massage coupon to redeem the free massage.

The newly introduced HydroMassage Lounge 450 model will also be available this year for free massages in select locations.  After its launch in late 2015, the Lounge quickly rose to popularity for its unique upright seating position, providing members with more comfort and visibility during their HydroMassage experience.

After most recently serving as Director of Commercial Sales for Octane Fitness, Dan Kennedy has accepted the position of
Vice President of Sales for HydroMassage.Picture1

Kennedy brings substantial knowledge and experience in the fitness industry and will be responsible for leading and continuing to build the HydroMassage sales organization.

“We couldn’t be more excited to have Dan as a part of our company”, commented Paul Lunter, HydroMassage Found and President.

“Dan has been a great supporter of Hy
droMassage over the years, and we feel fortunate to have someone of his caliber now as a part of our team.  He’s a high-character guy with a really impressive track record.”

Kennedy’s arrival comes at a very busy time for HydroMassage.

With the recent launch of the new Lounge model, clubs looking for a boost in premium membership sales have recently increased HydroMassage orders to 4 – 7 units per location, versus the historical average of two bed-style models.

“The way both club owners and members are utilizing these products, it’s clear to see HydroMassage is in serious growth mode”, noted Kennedy.  “I view this as a great fit for me, as I hope to help the company continue their strong sales trajectory for many years to come.”

“I’m extremely grateful for my time at Octane, and I’m really energized to take on this new opportunity.”

For information, visit or call 727-536-5566.

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Breakthrough HydroMassage Lounge Model Hits the Market

HydroMassage has officially announced the release of the much-anticipated new Lounge model.

The most noticeable highlights of the HydroMassage Lounge are a smaller footprint and a seated design, offering a unique new massage experience.

HydroMassage Lounge

HydroMassage Lounge

Originally used in chiropractic settings and made popular in fitness clubs, the traditional, “lie-down” HydroMassage Bed models have been used for  over 26 years.

With the introduction of the Lounge, the combination of the two models now provide solutions to reach a much larger user audience.

Throughout every stage of development, the team of engineers was tasked with translating 26 years of know-how with the traditional Bed models into a completely new format.

“Our goal is always to stay at the absolute forefront in terms of innovation,” commented Paul Lunter, HydroMassage Founder and President.  “From an R&D standpoint, everything we do is based around continually finding ways to maximize the user experience.  With the Lounge, that focus helped us create a product that’s the first of its kind in the world.”

In addition to the seated design, other notable additions to the Lounge model are a stronger massage, new panels colors, and a custom LED lighting package.  Internal component upgrades were also made to enhance the durability of the equipment, as many gyms are reporting 10+ hours of massage usage per day on as many as seven units per location.

Pairing both the Lounge and Bed models for the first time together at the IHRSA tradeshow in Los Angeles produced abnormally high usage rates from attendees, and led to interesting observations about HydroMassage user preferences.

The Bed was the preferred choice for users that were tired and wanted to lie down and fully relax.  Alternately, those in need of a quick massage on the go found Lounges to be a better fit.  The net result?  It became evident that fitness clubs with both models will see a larger percentage of their members using HydroMassage.

Visit for more information on the new models.

HydroMassage Lounges

HydroMassage Lounges in a Fitness Club

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